Lets Make Our Own Noise

When you hear people talking about legalizing recreational marijuana or medicinal marijuana what do you hear? Most of the time it is probably support for legalization. According to a Pew Research Center survey 53% of Americans favor the legal use of marijuana, while 44% are opposed. That is not very substantial. However, if you are reading about legalizing marijuana on the internet, print media, social media you may think that 80% – 90% support legalization. There is a reason for that; it’s called change of perception.

According to the same survey, supporters of legalizing the use of marijuana are far more likely than opponents to say they have changed their mind on this issue. Among the public overall, 30% say they support legalizing marijuana use and have always felt that way, while 21% have changed their minds; they say there was a time when they thought it should be illegal. By contrast, just 7% have changed their minds from supporting to opposing legalization. So if people perceive that “everyone” supports it, they may be more likely to support it. Forget about rationale. Marijuana proponents don’t do rational they do media campaigns aimed to deflect the truth, to normalize and create the perception that it is already accepted by the populace.

The most frequently cited reasons for supporting the legalization of marijuana are its medicinal benefits (41%) and the belief that marijuana is no worse than other drugs (36%) –with many explicitly mentioning that they think it is no more dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes. First, the average medicinal marijuana user is a 32 year old white males with no prior history of chronic pain. This is factual information based on people who have medicinal marijuana ID cards. Amazingly, there second highest reason for support is it is no more dangerous than alcohol and or cigarettes… Are you serious? Alcohol and cigarettes are two of the worst substances in the country! Why are we legalizing things based on not being worse than alcohol or cigarettes?

I don’t believe the hype… I don’t believe the majority of the population is in favor of legalized marijuana. That is why we need to voice our opinions. I believe the reason the numbers are in favor of legalization is because a lot of people don’t voice their opposition to marijuana. Many assume others will, that legalized marijuana won’t happen here or their voice doesn’t matter… Proponents of marijuana are recruiting as we speak to get more promoters, more people to fuel the perception that America wants legalized marijuana. They have incentives. There is big business behind marijuana legalization. Many very wealthy investors have invested heavily into marijuana; they are not going to sit by and hope it becomes legal. They are paving the road to their financial reward by legalization. They will buy it; they will fund political candidates that support it. Another incentive is for the average user. They will promote it as if their life depends on it because currently their marijuana use could land them in jail.

Please, let’s stop listening to people addicted to marijuana and investors attempting to capitalize on the addiction of future American’s. Let’s start making our own noise.


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