Erasing stigma associated with mental illness and substance abuse

Substance Abuse in the U.S.

Nearly 1 in 12 people in America have a substance use disorder -20.3 Million Americans

Mental Illness in the U.S.

Nearly 1 in 5 people in America have some type of mental illness at any given time -43.8 Million Americans

​7.7 Million Americans have both

Only 10% – 15% will receive help

Darren Reed B.S., Certified Prevention Professional

Darren M. Reed has a Bachelors Degree from Minnesota State University, Mankato in Education. He is a nationally recognized public speaker with a strong understanding of Peer-to-peer support services and has been involved in nonprofits for 15 years. He has spent the majority of that time with the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program where he has presented over 300 educational presentations to over 35,000 youth and adults on the subject of suicide prevention and mental health education and successfully advocated State and National Legislators on suicide prevention. Darren continued in his passion of social services to the Southern Minnesota Recovery Connection where he served as the Volunteer Coordinator where he worked extensively with volunteers and members of the recovery community in Peer-Based Recovery Support Services (P-BRSS). He is also the president of the Board of Directors for the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program of Minnesota.​

Along with his professional experience Darren passionately shares his experience, strength and hope as he portrays his journey through his struggles of substance abuse and mental illness to the freedom of recovery!

Please visit my website for more information at www.beyondthetunnelvision.org


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